About us

About us

  • We (Pharm Care Company) a company specialized in the field of distributing medicines, medical products and cosmetics within the Arab Republic of Egypt.Pharm Care was established on November 20, 2020, to fill a large gap in the process of providing and distributing medicines, medical products and cosmetics from the producer, whether it is a local or foreign producer, to the seller (wholesale / sector).With the introduction of new concepts and innovative solutions to many problems in this field.

Our clients

Pharmacare represents a mediating link between the producer and the consumer of medicines, so the audience of its customers is:

1. Large drug stores (wholesaler).

2. Small drug stores (retailer).

3. Pharmacies.

And because our client is the cornerstone of the success of our company, we started from this point of view, and we dedicated a team (customer support) working 24 hours a day to meet the orders and all customer needs.

social dimension of the company

Due to the difficult economic conditions that the country is going through, due to the Corona Virus, pharm Care is playing a positive role in alleviating the suffering of Egyptians by supplying items at wholesale discount to all stores (wholesale – sectoral)

our products

Company provide all imported Medicine.

• Providing items for retail at wholesale price.
• Providing a lot of deficient and scarce items from the market.
• The highest discount in the market.
• Retrieving expired items and replacing them with other new items.
• Combination drainage of pharmacies.
• Replace stagnant items in pharmacies.
• Provision of stock (stock) of varieties with the highest discounts.
• The provision of imported items without tax.

Our Product

Pharm Care provides a distinguished team, consisting of a group of specialists, experts and workers in this field for many years.
• With a team of more than seventy employees spread over seven administrative departments, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To ensure that the company fulfills its mission towards its customers all the time.
We also have a dedicated customer service department to communicate, communicate and receive requests, and solve problems supported by an IT team to meet any emergency situation and deal with it with all seriousness and commitment