Tele Sales

We work in the sales department within a systematic scientific plan in terms of setting the main goal and sub-goals to be achieved from sales, provided that they be within a specific period of time, and the most prominent goals that the company seeks to achieve in this aspect are as follows:..

Strategic objectives, which are the development of the company's competitive strength, its position in the market, and the mechanism for attracting customers from improving service in sales and marketing

Financial goals: which are to develop the company's financial performance as it serves sales, by reducing the company's operating costs and increasing profitability by a certain percentage within a specific period of time.

Growth goals: one of the most important goals is to raise the level of sales

The sales stage: It is the stage of implementing the plan by applying the sales that were formulated based on the currently available resources, in addition to the current distribution areas, the efficiency of advertising, customer satisfaction, the reputation of the company, the service provided, the size and strength of the sales turnover