Facilitate acceptance of expired medicines

Classification of accepted companies

Duration of application and facility:

 Quarterly, from January 2021 to March 2021 

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fromtoThe ratio
100,000 and over3%

Implementation mechanism

  1. Return will be received from (20-25) of each month.
  2. The returned value of the expired medicines shall be replaced by the medicines specified by the company as appropriate.
  3. The implementation takes place from (5-10) days of the following month.
  4. The companies that accept their returns are determined every quarter (three months).
  5. Items for (refrigerator – sexual stimulants – others favor items – some dairy – some imported) are not accepted.
  6. Certain importer medicines as well as some types of milk are accepted as an added benefit.
  7. Accept any quantity of any item without a maximum number of one item.
  8. The returned shall be intact and free from known defects.